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The adventures of the Maharajess [entries|friends|calendar]

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Eeek [21 Apr 2005|12:32pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm so awful about updating this!

Well, I'm back in Sydney now. London didn't last as long as hoped. Now I have two concert tickets that I need to sell, anyone want a Ben Folds or a Coldplay ticket? I'm sad I can't see them, but various things happened that made it necessary for me to return home.

I'm waiting for my stuff to arrive, which should be the end of May. I am again without my computer, using my mum's and my sister's. I uploaded quite a few pics before I was cruelly seperated from my comp, but not all of them. At some point, I SWEAR I will post them and write little stories about each one.

Just be patient and it'll happen.

And I'll also post my New Caledonia pics, here is much more approriate than messicat or messicats_icons

hehehe, self pimping is amusing.

Anyway, go and vote for pyaari's entry in lj_stylecontest. What are you waiting for?!?!?!

It's called Geometrix.

Don't you just love the icon for this entry????! My darling pyaari made it and it can be found over at cynicaltwilight. One day I shall go to India and actually see the Taj Mahal for myself.

This is now my only public journal, isn't that interesting? It has a new layout now, I made it. I like it. It's nice and orange, like something Abhi would wear *sporfle*

Take care, until next time =)


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A stack of pics [28 Mar 2005|03:36am]
[ mood | working ]

These are all of France, I'll get around to putting up little captions and everything for them, but for now, here are just the photos. 34 in total, none of Paris or Nevers, random French places!


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Egads! An update! [09 Mar 2005|10:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yeah, I'm terrible. I know. Shush.

Finally got a monitor. Got SOME of my pics on the comp.

Check these out

I'll be uploading more pics to that site I'd say. I'll post here when I do so.

This is me and one of the friends I made in France. His name is Chris

I'll upload more photos...soon...ish. I really don't want to have to resize several hundred pics, it's scary to think about it!

Take care, all y'all and stay safe!


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THE LONG WAIT IS OVER! [02 Feb 2005|03:31pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Ok, I know, it's been an age since I've posted *cough* and now, back to my story!

I take you back to Friday night, the 28th of January, and the time is now 20h45 and I've just put on Kuch Naa Kaho and am VERY much looking forward to arriving at the hotel.

What a month in France. I'm ready to DIE of exhaustion. Geez, I hope I find my place demain, mais sans probleme. Mon Dieu! Sometimes it felt as if Paris had a new horror for me chaque jour, the arrival, the patronising Sybil, the heat in the room, the utter grossness of mon arrondissement. The sore neck and back, all the worry I felt. Stress of being lost in the POURING RAIN! The sodding metro and the RER! Mon carte orange deciding to die - TWICE! Isolation. Stress, stress, stress. Missing Versailles. Being sick. Being homesick. The cleaners! Being lost, entirely, in every which way. Feeling alone and frustrated in a foreign city with noone to talk to. The worries of Paris were washed away by all the pyaar of la famille Blanch, I'm a very fortunate creature at times, because now I have a family in France who I will have forever. So different to my previous homestay experiences, I never felt like I knew my host family until now. Chantal was so loving to me, they all were. They gave me family love, something I missed dreadfully. Spending time with loved ones. Not that it's like that at home anymore. Everything has changed, fair dinkum. 21h maintenant, wonder if we're REALLY leaving now! The second time round in Paris was so much better, having mes nouveaux amis, the ever insane ladkas! Great guys fo' shiz. I was vachment triste to bisou bisou bye bye. Not knowing when I'd see them again. Kuch na kaho, petite ladki. Think of more attainable dreams, believe again. Now is the time to return à Londres and begin 2005. Find my home et travaille. See what London has to offer. Return à Sydney en novembre et decide. Right now, j'ai peur, parce que I'm really setting out into a brave new world. And I'm not John the Savage, but Jess, wanting to experience the world. The train has left the station, and playtime is over! It's time to work!

Well folks, my travels are now over, and I'm safely back in London, at the same old net café, about to head to a newsagent, and buy some magazines, and then go see Team America: World Police. My Granma is back in Sydney, sleeping in my bed, and I'm in London by myself. Time to stand on my two feet. Time to do this thing, baby! I'll post the rest of my stories and all my pictures (several hundred of them!) in time to come, but for now, this is all over

Thanks for joining the party!

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Wrtitten on the Eurostar [01 Feb 2005|09:42am]
[ mood | nervous ]

vendredi (soir) le 28 janvier

Donc, c'est tard
Je vais mon aller
Il faut que je part avant qui commence a neige
Il faut que je part...

*knows I mispelt my own lyrics*

Kya trip hai! C'est incroyable! My first time in France and I shall never forget it, that's for sure! As is perfect for Paris, it was a trip of extremes. From extremly bad, to extremly good, and often in between, it certainly was an experience. I guess I'm trying to sum up my experience of my month in Paris and Nevers through my emotions, I don't know, right now it's hard to say where I am. I'm sure that like Cumber Sedge I've grown up after my adventures, thank goodness they weren't as bizarre as his! I doubt the same messicat is returning to Londonium as the one who left. For one, I've made friends who I hope to keep for life. And my French has improved considerably I would imagine. Je dois keep making the effort or this will have all been for rien! I've finally seen Paris, the city I've always dreamed of, mais le contexte est plus fort que le concept. Paris broke my heart, but Nevers healed it. I wouldn't swap Swades with Chandni and family, and NYE in London for Alternative Stage, I mean, sure it took longer to meet Chris and Denis, but these are the things that happen. And I like to think that everything happens for a reason. It helps to make the despair less. Like now. After saying au revoir to my patient and the future Pope, I rushed back to l'hôtel and Sybil couldn't get through to the local taxi company, 20 mins later, Jill arrives and runs to the taxi stand et finds me a cab, bisou bisou bye bye! THANK YOU, JILL!!!!! It's 18hr34 and I'm sitting in the cab, willing the driver to be a London or Sydney driver (read: maniac) not a Parisian cab driver. Could they drive ANY slower?! By 18hr49, I'm in the queue to collect my ticket, along with stacks of autres. Watching the minutes tick away, shifting my weight from foot to foot, listening to some foul mouthed Brits have a good whine. Finally I get the ticket, after spending an eternity in the queue and ticket counter, ARGH! Cross through immigration, and find Paul pour un sandwich du brie. Tasty! Ask an official where to go and she mentions a delay, but makes no sense, I sit down. After a few minutes, everyone is called to the gate to be put on the current train, 19h17, instead of 20h17. After walking five carriages too far, I find my seat, and a bag is on it, so I move it. It's 19h40. Settle down, and put on Swades to relax myself after all the rushing of today and sorrow of leaving my friends. My seat buddy returns. 20h27.

This is your captain speaking. Because we want to make your Paris trip even worse we are going to sit at Gare du Nord until 21h even though we've been given Chunnel clearance. S2BU



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Second last day in Paris! [27 Jan 2005|05:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]

My time in Paris is drawing to an end, by this time tomorrow, everything will be packed and it will be almost time to get to the train station, something I'm not looking forward to, knowing how heavy my bag will be! When we arrived at Nevers, my case landed on my head and BENT my specs, a horrible thing indeed, but at least I won't be lifting my case above my head on the Eurostar. *prays there will be nice man to help me with case*

When I get back to London and have my place set up, there will be regular holiday story posting here, and of course, my pictures. I have taken HUNDREDS! And I will post my New Cal pictures here as well, and when I return to Oz where my New Cal travel diary is, I will post my New Cal travel stories!

Anyway, I am a lot happier this week, Paris is better this time than it was before Nevers. I guess it's coz I have people who I enjoy hanging out with. Hilariously funny guys, Chris and Denis, they are good fun.

Today, I went to le Tour Eiffel and when I was on le deuxième étage, it snowed! Incredible! Couldn't go right to the top because it was closed :(

Then I visited L'arc de Triomphe, which I enjoyed. I asked a nice looking American family to take my photo with le Tour Eiffel in the background to make Mum happy, coz she asked for a pic of me with the Eiffel Tower. I'm not big on having my picture taken with stuff. I mean, I'm not big on having my picture taken as a general thing, but really, I don't want to pose in front of the monuments grinning like an idiot, like I'm trying to prove I was there. If you don't believe it from the photos and the stories, then you are insane!!!! It's just my thing though, not everyone is as wacky as me :D

This arvo, in our last meeting with Annie, we had to give mini presentations on something that interested us about France. What else would I pick but MUSIC! I mean, c'mon yaar, it's not like they have Hindi filims here, so I couldn't talk about that and drool over discuss Abhishek baby. So I wrote a little thing about different music in France. I have bought heaps of cds here, coz there is just incredible music, it's AMAZING!!!! Mon dieu, the diversity just blows me away. Fnac is the main chain store for cds and dvds, they also sell books, so a bit like Borders, for those of you who are familiar with that particular store. I have been to pretty much every Fnac in Paris and bought like 15 cds, maybe more, ok, fine I bought Franz Ferdinand, Morcheeba and Bollywood Hollywood OST, but I wanted those, everything else was French!!! (Well, except for the Phantom of the Opera OST, but that's SET in France) However, I am not good at speaking in public. I can get up and sing in front of thousands, pas de probleme, but when it comes to speaking, well, I'm fucked, in a word. I was SO nervous when it got to Jess and Tamar, while they were talking, I was shaking, oh it was bad. And then I stuttered when I spoke. I didn't look up from my little piece of paper, except when Annie questioned me, I had to stop and start many times, I thought I was going to burst into tears, it was HIDEOUS! Annie was surprised to learn that I had written the whole thing myself, and that I knew all the names of the instruments that I talked abut, here's me thinking "music is my biggest passion, of course I'm going to be able to write about it, even in French. Although it's tricky" thank goodness that's over!

Now I'm on my way to Opera Comique, although I think I might hang around MIJE and wait to see what the others are doing, coz I don't want to spend time alone if I can have company.

And let me say HURRAY FOR ESKIMO JOE GETTING NUMBER THREE IN THE HOTTEST 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so proud, I love them so much. I knew Franz Ferdinand would win, everyone must have! I'm surprised The Streets didn't do better, and amazed that I didn't know all the songs in the top 10. Really wishing I was home for it, I love the countdown. Très triste having missed that, espeically with the Joes!!!!!!!!!

Next year, me and my Annie are having an Australia Day JJJ party! THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT!!!!

Anyway, time to go, I'll chat with all y'all laterz!

See you round like a record

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I am in love with Jay Sean...I mean, I am in Nevers... [20 Jan 2005|07:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I've been kinda sorta been keeping a diary, but I shan't type it out now, this is more a HI I'M STILL ALIVE! post

So, I'm in Nevers which is a beautiful place. It's in the Bourgone, or Burgandy, region, which is pretty much in the middle of France for those who don't know their geography! (To be fair, I didn't even know where I was when I arrived in Nevers, until my host family produced a map and showed me)

Geez, why is it that time and time again when I sit in front of the computer, I can't think of what to say! Kya problem hai?

I know I've not posted here like I said I would, but it's not been easy. I paid 18 euros for internet in Paris and nearly died. It was my last day in Paris before coming to Nevers and it was the BIGGEST ripoff. I mean, it was excellent speaking to Craig bhaiyya and Annie didi, but holy potatoes, that was EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Paris sucked. It was MAJOR suckage. So lil messi is très heartbroken over the suckage of Paris, seeing as since FOREVER I wanted to go there and I thought it would be the most awesomest evaaaaaaaaah

*gah choking to death on air*

I was très miserable in Paris, I cried and missed home like crazy and yeah, when Mum rang me, I burst into tears on the phone. Gah!

And WHY AM I SAYING GAH??????????????????

My eyes are watering from my choking, probably looks like I've been crying!

Anyway, there is this insanely funny guy on the stage, named Denis. Nguyen, if you read this, he is a former Marcelin boy, year above you and he remembers you from school. He's a right laugh. I must say I haven't really 'bonded' with anyone like everyone else seems to have, but I get on pretty well with Denis and Chris. I mean, most of them are nice and everything, but geez, those of you who know what I'm really like, then you'd know! ARGH! I drive myself nuts sometimes, lol.

French keybords are wacky, while it is AWESOME having accented letters on the keyboard, it's right pain having to LOOK when typing! I type so fast with an Aussie keyboard, which, here is the geek fact for you, Nadia darling, is apparently the same thing as the US keyboard. When I have some botherance and time, I get a pic of an Aust. keyboard for you and then you'll know! In Australia, we have QWERTY too and the 1 is ! with shift, it's different with UK keyboards. Also the positioning of the speech marks is different too. Although sitting looking at a French keyboard it's hard for me to tell you where they are on the Australian keyboard, because it is something I know by instinct! I would go mad trying to code on a French keyboard, because I would make so many errors and have to go back, and yeah, it would make me crazy!

I find myself wanting to write in French, but for the benefit of Mr Kite, I mean, for you, dear readers, I am sticking to English, although if a few words of French (or Hindi), don't blame me! I can't do smileys on these wack French keyboards! I want to pull faces!!!!

You know what I miss like nothing else? Making icons. Fuck I miss making icons. When my computer is set up, I will totally have a Photoshop night.

And I just got the weirdest image of my darling Chicken Head doing her Christmas shopping in London covered in thumb tacs! You write awesome comments! YOU ROCK!

I miss chatting to my friends via long comment sessions! Plus! Nadia! Smi! Ani! Sarah! Autumn! Jen! EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Ok, who here knows who Jay Sean is? And who else is TOTALLY in love with his voice? I have to see some of his clips! I have listened to his cd sooooo many times, Dance With You and Stolen are two of my favourite. Oh and Eyes On You. Oh so hot.

Oh I should go, I'm worried this post won't go through as I just had some commenting issues - on the topic of Bollywood icon challenge, I am SO up for it! I wrote HEAPS about my thoughts but they were eaten by the internet. Stupid hungry internet. Basically, I said I would support it for sure, and hope it would encourage others to make icons and enter them, but that we should probably make the first couple of challenges last longer than a week to get things started. And also, that voting will be hard because I can usually spot an icon made by Nadia, Smi, Autumn or Alex!!!!

Anyway, time to fly!

LOVE AND MISS MERA DOSTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, I totally owe a massive post at messicat, there is so much that needs to be said there, including my VERY interesting NYE!

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[10 Jan 2005|06:49pm]
Today I visited the Lourve, it was pretty awesome. The amount of people in front of the Mona Lisa was incredible. It just doesn't make sense, there are plenty of way cooler things in the Lourve. My favourites were the Islamic Art, the Winged Victory and the Greek, Roman and Etruscan galleries. I couldn't have much of a look around the Egyptian area, because it made me feel physically ill, curse of the Mummies!!!! It was so strange, because I felt fine everywhere else!
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London-Paris [03 Jan 2005|08:49pm]
Eurostar à Paris, note to self - take less luggage on train!
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Especially for teh Chicken Head! [20 Dec 2004|02:57pm]
[ mood | dancy ]

I was watching Muppet Christmas Carol and I thought of you! THEY DIDN'T HAVE WHEN LOVE IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Main hoon na! [20 Dec 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm currently at Chandni's e4e and we've just been watching Koffee with Karan!

If you haven't seen it, you should check it out, the first ep with SRK and Kajol is just super! I can't wait to see the Abhi and Amitji ep! And if you look around you can download it, you don't need to wait for it to be on tv *laughs at the thought of KwK being on free to air Aussie tv*

So I'm a lot better than I was when I wrote my last entry. And feeling a bazillion times better after reading my dearest darlingest Anniest's comments, because I love you, Annie. I love you so much. I miss you so much. And I'm so sad that you can't come to England, but it will make homecoming super, coz I'll definitly come to Cambra and visit you and Cora. Just need a car... well if James wants to come with me, he can drive this time. My car has been sold and I'm very sad. My mum has a new car, a Holden Berlina which she will be getting very soon.

So why hasn't Jess been updating? So why hasn't Jess been commenting? So why hasn't Jess been emailing?


I've been sick.

Ok fine, it's a poor excuse. I just haven't been able to get to computers with internet. It's cruel coz it's one of my favourite ways to pass the night, chatting to my friends on the net, and what not. Livejournaling. Photoshopping. Voting in polls what is my favourite track from this or that film.

I just need to write out what I've been up to, but that's not going to happen RIGHT now, coz I don't feel like it, but I will give you a brief idea

  • Watching lots of British tv especially Hollyoaks and East Enders
  • I've started watching The Bill again too
  • Eating eggs and toast with promite every morning with a cuppa for brekky
  • Walking around with a frozen nose
  • Walking around disguised as the Blue Yeti, a rare Australian animal with blue skin. I've had so many bloody layers of clothes on that I look like a Michelin man
  • Visiting the Tower of London
  • Checking out the Crown Jewels, so shiiiiiiiiiiiney
  • Taking pictures of random crap
  • Sleeping in a bed the size of a shoebox
  • Eating lots of Tesco sandwiches
  • Visiting Brick Lane and realising that Saini Emporium is the BEST Indian store in the world, because they actually understand what I say and usually get what I want. Mind, despite the language barrier, I managed to buy Run, Kuch Naa Kaho, Swades, Refugee, Mumbai Se Aaye Mera Dost, Naach, Masti and Phir Milenge soundtracks and a few filmi magazines. Stardust and Cineblitz are complete crap, Filmfare is the only one worth reading. Although there were some good Abhi pics in them how very exciting
  • Visiting Oxford
  • Stonehenge
  • Windsor Castle
  • Blenheim Palace
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
  • Salisbury Catherdral

And yeah. There's more details to come, eventually, I swear!

But for now, take care, be good and stuff!
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WHERE HAS SHE BEEN?!??!? [18 Dec 2004|10:22am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I can hear your e-cries from the Chelsea library! The internet is expensive and I can't go on when I want to but now that I have become a member of the library, I can get 5hrs free net a week!

I have been really sick but I am better now, well, mostly.

I have so much I want to write about but I've been too restricted by my illness and stuff. I've had lots of adventures, lots of excitement, so much to tell you, but things haven't gone to plan. Oh no.

I get so distracted when I'm online. I have so much to look at and plus I need to find a job and a home. Kinda important. I can waste time with my friends when my chores are done. *ahem*

I've been reading lots and watching lots of tv coz I've not been able to go out.

I'm going to see Chandni on Monday and I'm SO excited! We're going to go bowling hehehe, and at some point see Swades!


I haven't felt like writing anything about my trip, I've had travel writers block! Being sick is so draining. Anyway, I'm almost out of time here, so I must be quick:

- I am feeling sick and tired and that hasn't made this last week too super
- I miss being in my room with my stuff, and that doesn't mean I miss being home, I just miss being comfortable. Being sick on the other side of the world in a tiny bed SUCKS
- I am feeling miserable and remembering things about certain people I don't want to remember. Leave me alone, I've come to the other side of the world to get away from this, why am I still thinking about them?!?!??!?! (And don't even ask, it's really better not to. I know there are some reading who know EXACTLY who I'm talking about, but most of you don't, so mind your beeswax)
- I'm really upset that I've had such a small response to my massive mailout :(
- I'm lonely
- I'm depressing myself so I'm going to go

OH PLUS! I got the Hindi verison of the Run soundtrack, I'm looking for a Tamil verison. Do you have a copy of the Hindi verison or do you want me to send it to you?

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An account of Wednesday 1st December [11 Dec 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | sick ]


Flying trhough time zones does that to a messicat! It was a really hot day, it was unbearble. I was wearing the barest minimum and must have looked a right proper dork when I went to Luckytown! It's not like there was anything I could change into, mind. All my clothes were packed in my suitcase, and I don't imagine I'll be unpacking the summer gear anytime soon!

I spent the morning squishing my clothes into spacebags and burning cds. I couldn't concentrate, my mind was all over the shop,not just the heat but the whole "I'm leaving the country for a year" was starting to sink in. My family and many of the things that were very important to me were about to be on the other side of the world, I was about to be "in the past", a concept that really boggles the mind!

Having printed out all the photos and profiles I could think of, we made our merry little way to Chatswood, via Artarmon to get mon petit livre bound. Now the young gentleman who served me did not cut the covers how I'd asked and I wasn't impressed. I am familiar with the use of a guillotene (just coz I cannot spell it doesn't mean anything!) thanks to my training at OW Dee Why, so I'm not inexperienced with the process. I wasn't impressed he'd ruined my covers. I went to photocopy my ticket and passport while he brutalised my cherished possession. He was in traning, I didn't give him a hard time, just a big smile and my last $5 note. Bought some CD-Rs and made our way to Luckytown ^-~ Bought some photomounting squares, the corners are unsuitable for my purposes so I had to really hunt for them! That was the last of my money. No more Australian currency for this bear. Bought some boots, very stylish so I can wear them and not feel a right prat! Also got some nice ankle covering socks, something that hasn't been seen on the feet of this messicat since finishing school! I'm not a fan of having them on my ankles, I had quite the sock tan until I discarded them. And when you're my colour, or lack of colour one should say, tan lines are NOT sexy! I hve a watch mark but as I'm rarely seen without my watch, it's not an issue.And in time< i'll probably have a bangle mark - 24 bangles for those who have wondered, but never asked!

I also got some FANTASTIC cd wallets - JJJ ones from the ABC store. They are just perfect! Just what I wanted. I wish I'd bought more than 3, they will last for ages, 20 cds each. Good price too!

When we got home, I emptied out my car and took off the much debated bumper sticker and placed it on the back of mon petit livre. I got back to cd burning after a nice icy cold drink - the house was INSANELY hot, very painful. Watched the latest Strong Bad email, I really want a Sterrence of my very own!

Then a phonecall came.

On the main line.

For me.

Now that might not sound odd, but trust me, it is. Anyone wanting to talk to me rings the other line, or my mobile.

JESSICA! It's for you! It's a Scottish man

And of course, Caitlin gave me a weird look, because it's what she does.

And I'm thinking It's Ewan McGregor, he's left his wife for me.

Ok, fine, I wasn't.

It's the British High Commission, they've found out my grandfather was a criminal, and they've cancelled my Visa

Queue "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccck" à la Bridget Jones. But that's not it. It was Qantas.

"You are flying with us tonight, Miss Blacklock"
My flight has been cancelled
"Yes, that's correct"
The airport has been blown up by terrorists
"I have been contacted by Harry at Officeworks Arartmon"
The penny drops
"He found your ticket in one of the photocopiers. They are holding it for you."


"Err, thank you very much"
put down phone, grab bag, run down stairs
I have to go to OW, I left my ticket there@

Stunned look from Mum, she didn't realise that I'd taken my ticket to 213. Now she had one of her infamous migraines, the heat and the stress weren't helping. She told me I didn't have time to go, she could. We both took two deep breaths and decided we could pick it up on the way to the airport. I begged her not to tell Granma, thought it mightn't bode well for the start of the trip. It was about 5pm by The Qantas Call, and we needed to pick Granma up from Waitara at 7. Time was running out.

I'd gotten about 70 cds burnt, so I put them all into the wallets. I had no more spaces left. Curses. Shoud have bought more cd wallets. I had about 80 blanks left, and at least that many left that hadn't been burnt. No Millencolin. No Eskimo Joe. No Skulker. No. I'd failed. Put a big red cross next to my name. There had been too much going on. I hadn't had the support I need to get ready in time. Too much pressure. Not enuff love to go round. There was hoone to help me out. Noone listened. I said I was scared I wouldn't get it all done. I didn't. Everyone said I would. You were wrong.

I failed.

I got to The Other End unprepared, unready and underpacked. I didn't have what I wanted, what i needed, in Sydney. So I decided to move to the other side fo the world. Hoping to start new. Brush away the cobwebs of the heartache that lasted longer than the relationship I think I still love him Away from the pressure to be a good student, a good daughter, a good sister. A good slave to CML. Away from the mother who chose a man over her children. A father would couldn't provide. Friends who didn't reach out. Now I'm not talking about my lj boys and girls, you guys know how important you are to me. How is that I love and value people I've never met (for the most part), whose voices I've never heard, who I mightn't recognise in the street (except for Nadia and Sarah, camwhores!) More than most of my "friends"? How does that work?! Is it coz you guys respond to my inner thoughts that I don't share with even my mum. My highs. My lows. My joys and sorrows. My life that is kabhi khushi kabhie gham And of course, the pyaar. The ladkas. But we'll save all that for messicat!

Ok, travel. Luggage, not baggage! Had a shower and pizza from the place at Wahroonga. Quite nice! Somehow it's 7pm. Suddenly I'm saying goodbye to my sister. She's never had a Christmas without me. I've done them without her, only coz I've been around longer! I do miss her. She's getting better. I won't recognise her when I get back. Then we're going down the driveway. Mum's in a stink. We're late for getting to Waitara. I've left the flight socks at home. I couldn't give a stuff. I didn't want to wear them, I'm not going to get DVT. Or Carpet Tunnel Syndrome I love you Annie!!!!

ALl the luggage barelyfits. Listening to Kal Ho Naa Ho. Dancing for the last time. Won't be the same when I get back. Pretty Woman, dekho dekho na

Shake it, Rukhie!

Get to OW. Wish I had something to give Harry, he really saved my life. Doesn't bear thinking about. Run back to the car. We're at the airport.

Next time - excitement at the airport and the flight.

I'm too sick to keep typing today. I hope I'm just allergic to where we're staying. I don't want to be allergic to London.

*sends love*


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HELLO! [07 Dec 2004|11:38am]
[ mood | happy ]

Greetings my darling ones!

Currently at an internet cafe in Chelsea. I have so much I want to say, I should start from the beginning:

Wednesday 1st December 2004.

Officially the longest day of my life. Literally and metaphorically. This is what happens when you fly BACKWARDS!

Curses, I just emailed heaps of people and forgot to give them the address for this I'm such a dork. Well, there's always next time.

My brain is so not working, I've been online for over an 1hr and I can't think of what to say! This is NOT like me! Not good at all!

Ok, so Wednesday was another horribly hot day, stupid global warming. It was such a stressful day, my mum stayed home, she was meant to go to a conference in the city but she stayed home to help me, plus she had one of her migraines so she wouldn't have been able to focus at work. I got stuff packed and went to Chatswood to get some money exchanged so I would have pounds.

Ok, my brain is frozen, or something. This just isn't happening. And I've got to pay about £6 for my internet time *cringe* so I'm going to go now but I will write out some proper entries.

Miss you all. Love you all (well most of you)


And Plus, very cute MASMD Christmas icon! Damn I need some Abhi in my life right about now!

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The trip! [03 Dec 2004|11:27am]
[ mood | good ]

I don't have time right now to give a full update, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I have arrived safely and I am having a good time so far! In an hour I'm meeting up with Bart, so that's pretty exciting and this afternoon I'm going to ring Chandni and chat to her!!!!

Hope everyone is well and I miss you all. I tried posting when I was at Singapore on my stopover but the access was really slow.

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Nearly there... [28 Nov 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | hot ]

I'm packing my suitcases today (yes, that's a plural) and my goodness squishing all the air out of Space Bags is HARD! My granma gave me some by some brand called "Home Living" and they are utter rubbish. I get all the air out, and then they fill up with air again! Gah!

I've got most of the things on my "to buy" list, there is more required, and I have THREE days to do that in. Plus, I have to get my little travel book finished, I've only printed out a few of the profiles, and a few of the pics, and yeah, heaps to do.

It is SO hot here in Sydney today. Mum said it's like 38 or something crazy like that. I'm sure I'm going to die, or at the very least, melt. Eww, messy messi!

How will I ever pull this off in time to leave the country and have EVERYTHING done?!

And a MASSIVE shout out to my darling Nadia (aka pyaari, aka cynicaltwilight) for these icons. They are just lovely, and I'm too lazy busy to make my own travelish icons. And I still haven't made a nice layout for this!!

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Goodness gracious! [16 Nov 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

How time is flying!

Today I left my job at Officeworks. Hello to anyone from 204 reading this welcome to a different side of Jess!

I spent ages saying goodbye to everyone, sure some people I'll miss more than others, but I will miss the OW experience. One of my lovely customers gave me something to colour in on the plane so the angels will protect me, she also said that the first Wednesday of the month was an auspicious day to fly!

FIFTEEN sleeps til I fly!

I also said goodbye to Pawan today, I'm sure going to miss my weekly visit to Saini's. Pawan said he was planning a world trip next year, so if he comes to England, he'll visit me! Something to look forward to if it does happen. Sharn also said he might be coming over my way next year, so I might have a few visitors!

I'm trying to customise my layout, but for some reason, everytime I right-click it comes up with an error message which says "screw all y'all " and decides to CLOSE! I want a picture of the Taj Mahal to put as my header, not that I've ever customised the generator style, I should go and find a comm which says what the best size is and everything. Or I should be awesome and have skills like Nadia. You have the best layouts ever, girl! And I swear, they change every other day! I can see in my mind's eye what I would like for this layout, and I have one in mind for messicat and one for messicats_icons, but I just don't know how to go about it. I guess I need to practice. And then I'll have the coolest layouts under the sun! *I wish*

Geez, my style of writing here is different to messicat, possibly because I know exactly who reads messicat, and there is a bit of a theme there, lol. I will censor myself here, because I don't know who is reading it, and I don't want to make it friends only. When I say censor, I don't mean cut out the swear words

Anyway, I should go and have some dinner, think I'll watch some more of LOC: Kargil tonight. I started the other night but I was tired. Also I have One 2 Ka Four to watch... well, out of the films I've started watching, lol.

LATERZ! *wishing I had Rob's *mwah* emoti*

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WELCOME! [08 Nov 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Finally! After letting this thing just sit for ages, I'm going to post.

maharajess is for those of you sitting at home wishing to travel, but are just so lazy/busy/poor/whatever-other-excuse-you-may-have to do so! So here I shall do my best to keep a comprehensive travel diary of what it was REALLY like for me. And at some point, in the distant future, I will upload my New Caledonian adventures for all to read.

With only twenty three days until I fly, things are getting pretty tight. Today, I did a little planner thing, and I wrote every plan I have for the rest of November. It's a whiteboard on my wall, hanging over my DVD bookcase, where Hafgard (my garden gnome) and my Rancor ($15 at Skyforce, sucks to be Christian!(the person, not the religion)) spend most of their time.

I got my UK Ancestry visa last week, and it allows me to live and work anywhere in the UK for up for four years, and the best thing is, I can reapply as many times as I like!

I'll have a trial pack soon and make sure I've got everything! But first I want to get through this week, it's my birthday tomorrow!

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ramblings of a messicat, for something COMPLETLY different (originally posted messicat) [03 May 2003|09:34pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

The coolest place in the whole wide world

I got my photos developed today, I'm pleased with them, all three rolls I took in New Cal and the other roll I took before. I stuck those four and three others into the photo album my grandparents gave me, along with some pics from over 10yrs ago of a very lil me with my parents, pre Darwin, which means pre Shrub, hasta be a good thing, tho you can see the big lump of shrub in my mums tummy.

My New Cal photos rock! And if my puta had a jpeg filter I'd upload some to show ppl, but nooo my puta is evil and it hates me and its trying to keeeell me!

Seriously, if it had arms it would physically attack me, I don't know what it's problem is.

Hehe, me is happy and noone knows why, hee hee hee hah hah hah well thats not true ppl do know why I'm happy, I'm enjoying being happy, though I'd like to talk to someone right now, like sit down and talk, nothing against talking to ppl online, but I want that whole physical thing of being able to look at someone and being able to use body language to emphasise things! What I love is listening to and watching someone talk about something they are really passionate about, some ppl just come alive its really cool, ok, like stefan mr car expert gets really worked up, his whole face lights up and his body comes alive and his hands fly around more than usual.

hmm, i started this journal entry over 2hrs ago, maybe i should go to bed seeing as its 11.39pm


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They let me back in the country (originally posted by messicat) [30 Apr 2003|07:43pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Though I wish I could have stayed in New Cal

I really didn't want to leave, altho I was running out of things to wear, so that was a bit of a problem.

In New Cal
- the lightswitches are different
- they drive on the other side of the road
- i was chatted up, told i was cute and ooh la la-ed at by good looking males
- they have very little real milk, none of it came my way
- i got very little sleep
- they have perth tv in the hotel
- english is not a language heard often
- everything is closed around lunchtime
- everything is closed on mondays
- noone wears seatbelts
- you pay the same no matter where you're going on the bus
- the buses are smaller and you hafta get out the back door
- there are lots of guys around, but not so many gals
- kanaks smile and wave to you while ur on the petit train, euros usually dont
- euros are racist towards kanaks and wallisians
- there are 3 porsches and 3 ferraris in all of new cal
- they have an annual giant omelette festival in dumbea, its in its 17th yr and they used 7000 eggs
- the weather is pretty nice
- even skool is fun

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